Broadcasting from the Capital of the Free World, ZardCast is a weekly podcast revolving around the Washington Wizards. Host CT Schwink and a rotating cast of characters break down the week that was in Wizards basketball, dissecting games, hitting on the big stories, as well as unsuccessfully predicting the future. Of course, the conversation is never completely bound to basketball. Come for the hoops and stay for the discourse, because we're never quite sure where this discussion will go.
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Broadcasting from the Capital of the Free World, ZardCast is a weekly podcast revolving around the Washington Wizards. Host CT Schwink and a rotating cast of characters break down the week that was in Wizards basketball, dissecting games, hitting on the big stories, as well as unsuccessfully predicting the future. Of course, the conversation is never completely bound to basketball. Come for the hoops and stay for the discourse, because we're never quite sure where this discussion will go. 


Dec 6, 2016
It Might Be Ok, Wizards Cut Down Nets, Can't Close Against Spurs and Thunder, Westworld Finale Recap

Today on ZardCast, CT, Dave and Gary convene following a Wizards win over the Brooklyn Nets on the road. The guys start out by discussing ideas for a new podcast for whenever the season bottoms out – ideas they formulated while the Wizards were losing to the Nets. Later they get into tight losses to the Oklahoma City Thunder and the San Antonio Spurs, and how important the next few weeks are for turning the season around against Eastern Conference competition. Gary also brings up his gripes with NBA League Pass and the guys ponder if it’s incompetence, indifference or something slightly more sinister. The last 20 minutes or so is a full recap of the Westworld season finale (All the spoilers, FYI) and hype for The Young Pope.

Nov 30, 2016

Today on ZardCast, CT, Dave and Gary convene following a Thanksgiving break to discuss all of the Wizards action over the last week-plus, including wins over the Knicks, Suns, Magic and Kings, as well as losses to the Heat and Spurs. Plus, looking ahead to the next three games, Gary takes umbrage with how NBA teams take last second shots to avoid playing defense, what the guys did over Thanksgiving, Ian Mahinmi's return, Brad Beal dropping 30 multiple times, Russell Westbrook averaging a triple double, This Week in John Wall and Pop Culture Detour. 

Nov 17, 2016
Stinking It Up Against The Sixers, Big Four Game Stretch Upcoming, TAI's Adam McGinnis

Today on ZardCast, the guys convene following a brutal loss to the 76ers along with Adam McGinnis to sort through the wreckage and evaluate the Wizards 10 games into the season. Plus, Ted Leonsis needling the fans and a big four game stretch upcoming.

Nov 8, 2016

Today on ZardCast, the CT, Dave and Gary convene following a loss to the Houston Rockets, and ask, is it possible this team is worse than last year's? They examine, show their work and try to pull out some positives. Plus, the guys decide 76er trade options are more interesting than the Wiz, at least for a bit, they look back on a win over Atlanta and a loss against Orlando, discuss a harrowing lizard vs. snake clip from Planet Earth II and what they'll talk about on the show should the Wizards go belly up.

Nov 3, 2016

Today on ZardCast, CT and Dave are joined by Almighty Ballin’s Chris Axmann following the Washington Wizards loss to the Toronto Raptors. The guys sort through the game, the 0-3 start and Axmann’s thoughts on the Zards at this very young point in the season. Plus, Axmann shares his concerns for Russell Westbrook’s health, why he can’t wait for a Chicago Bulls shooting slump, if this is the year his Mavericks finally miss the playoffs and that time his dog KD foreshadowed a big move by Kevin Durant. Later, CT and Dave revisit the overtime loss to Memphis, discuss John Wall’s first solid game of the year and his interview with Andrew Sharp, and look ahead to a tough slate of games.

Oct 28, 2016

Today on ZardCast, the guys convene following a Wizards loss to the Hawks in the season opener. Bullets Forever boss Jake Whitacre joins the show later to discuss taking L's online, what went wrong against Atlanta, if he still believes the Wizards are just "fine" and the stewing beef between him and Gary. Plus, looking ahead to the next week of Wiz action, and CT and Dave are moving out of their apartment. They say goodbye to their apartment and an old couch.

Oct 21, 2016
Welcome to ZardCast: Previewing the 2016-17 Washington Wizards

Today on ZardCast, CT, Dave and Gary gather for the first show of the season to preview the 2016-17 Washington Wizards.

Topics discussed include:

  • The guys return from a long, hot offseason
  • Wizards were perfectly average last year at 41-41, had a very active offseason. The guys give their 30,000 foot views on the team
  • Randy Wittman was sacked, Scott Brooks is the new boss in D.C.
  • Early takes on Brooks’ suit game
  • John Wall has surgery on both knees during the offseason. Had the best statistical year of his career, but also had to carry the team for a lot of last season
  • Dave is no longer friends with Wall, he’s now closer with Bradley Beal
  • Wall was not efficient, true shooting percent last year was garbage. He can be better if his teammates are better. Gary makes a good LeBron James-Miami-Big Three comparison
  • Wall was roasting people on Twitter over the Cowboy jersey flap, Dave is terrified of being owned online
  • The guys revisit the “John Wall and Bradley Beal aren’t the best of friends” story from the summer
  • Gary thinks Wall shouldn’t have used the word sidekick
  • The Wizards signed Beal to the max, the weight of the franchise’s imminent future is kind of on his shoulders
  • Dave thinks the Beal injury talk is a little overstated, Gary wishes he wasn’t quite a max player so he could avoid some of the flack that comes with that
  • What’s the outlook for Otto Porter? What’s free agent Porter look like? He came on really strong after the All Star break, but he was also very much a one half player
  • There’s talk of Porter playing more power forward, opens the door to a lot of interesting lineups. We’ve been seeing Markieff Morris at center, too
  • Ian Mahinmi is the Wizards big free agent signing, but he’s out for the first 4-6 weeks of the season with a meniscus tear. Whenever he returns, he will be a big boost off the bench
  • Tomas Satoransky finally joins the Wizards, looks good, very intriguing addition to the team
  • The guys think Marcin Gortat will have a spring in his step with Wittman gone. Those two constantly clashed
  • Why do people hate on Gortat so much?
  • If Beal can stay healthy, it will be helpful for everyone’s offensive game, including Gortat’s
  • Markieff Morris is the team’s draft pick. Everyone is excited to have him after a preseason with squad. Also nice to have a legit power forward. Haven’t had one in recent years. Got lost in last year’s attempt to make the playoffs
  • Kelly Oubre is set to become a factor on this team. Dave likes his defense and that he’s learning not to jack up a bunch of shots
  • Though the guys didn’t know who Andrew Nicholson when he was signed, they now they feel like he could be a useful backup to Morris. Gary isn’t confident in him, thinks he’ll have minimal impact
  • Nobody likes Trey Burke
  • Marcus Thornton didn’t even make the note sheet
  • We’re going to see a lot of Jason Smith with Mahinmi out
  • The Vegas win total is 42.5 – What’s everything think?
  • Wizards have a tough 8 games to start the season
  • Predicting end of season awards, Dave is still haunted by his selections last season
  • Gary gushes about Joel Embiid
  • Other thoughts on the Eastern Conference
Jul 8, 2016
No Seat at the KD Table, Ian Mahinmi Signs, #NicholasAnderson, A Lot of Wallowing

Today on ZardCast, CT, Dave and Duncan discuss the ups and mostly downs of Washington Wizards free agency, including not getting a shot at Kevin Durant, just missing out on Al Horford, settling for plan-D in Ian Mahimni, not knowing who Andrew Nicholson is (#NicholasAnderson), Jason Smith looking like the generic white player in NBA 2K and much more.

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Topics discussed include:

  • The guys are back to talk free agency
  • Big announcement: ZardCast will now be known as GoldCast, covering the guys’ new favorite team the Golden State Warriors
  • What mundane thing were you doing when Kevin Durant announced his decision
  • The Wizards don’t get a meeting with Durant, when did the dream actually die? Was it ever realistic?
  • Washington had a damn good shot at nabbing Al Horford, it hurts that he chose Boston a.k.a. EnTitled Town
  • Reactions to Durant going to Golden State: Dave is pumped to watch, Duncan is disappointed because he believes there will be fewer intriguing NBA games on the schedule this year
  • Ernie Grunfeld had to spend his money on a Plan D, paying $64 million for Ian Mahimni to play backup center
  • Acquiring Mahimni and Jason Smith has fired up Marcin Gortat trade talks. Those will probably loom all the way to the trade deadline
  • Who’s Andrew Nicholson? None of the guys knew at first glance. Duncan is a Sporkle quiz champion and has never heard of Nicholson. Dave plays a lot of NBA 2K and also never heard of him
  • The Utah Jazz trade Trey Burke to the Wizards for a 14-year-old. It’s kind of interesting?
  • Tomas Satoransky also provided some drama with initial reports saying he might not leave Barcelona
  • It’s not a good thing when you’re adding more Orlando Magic players
  • Jason Smith looks like the generic, NBA2K white player
  • The guys take a look at the rest of the Eastern Conference and their big moves in free agency
  • “We’re on a sinking ship talking about how there aren’t sharks in the water”
  • Retiring Alan Anderson and Gary Neal’s sounds, adding an Ian Mahimni drop
  • Dave’s proud of Dwayne Wade for spurning Pat Riley and going to Chicago, dramatically reads Riley’s drunken text
  • Dwight Howard to the Hawks, Dave wants to trade for Paul Millsap
  • Bulls, Knicks, Grizzlies and Mavericks talk
  • Duncan gets 76 seconds to talk about the Philadelphia 76ers, the excitement around Ben Simmons, and finally seeing Joel Embiid play
  • Durant to should be booed every time he comes to D.C.
  • Pop Culture Detour: O.J. Made in America, Pokemon Go
Apr 19, 2016
Wizards Postmortem Podcast

Today on ZardCast, the guys convene following the end of a disappointing season and on the heels of the news that head coach Randy Wittman will not return next year. The pod dives into all manners of dysfunction with the Wizards, running through potential coaching candidates, collectively shaking their heads over the retention of Ernie Grunfeld and defending John Wall. 

Apr 1, 2016

Today on ZardCast, CT, Dave and Malcolm Johnson convene to discuss the Wizards season basically coming to an end with a loss to the Kings. Malcolm poses the question, how much differently would we really view Washington if they made the playoffs? Plus: High pitched screams over the ghastly loss to the Timberwolves, not caring about Kobe Bryant retiring, Randy Wittman’s sports bar being the most Randy Wittman thing ever, a deep dive on Bradley Beal’s comments after the Sacramento game, and finally a bit of Pop Culture Detour with The Walking Dead and The People vs. OJ Simpson coming to an end this next week.

Topics discussed include:

  • Malcolm joins the pod over the phone
  • So it's all over, right?
  • Malcolm says who cares about making the playoffs? Would we really view them in that different of a light? Would it really be good for the team?
  • The guys sold themselves on the hype before the season. How naive they were
  • Randy Wittman has to go. Will Ernie Grunfeld survive? He doesn’t deserve to
  • Does either Ernie or a potential-new general manager keep Bradley Beal? The guys agree there’s no choice but to sign him
  • What’s Bradley Beal’s and John Wall’s relationship like? We don’t really hear about the team’s interactions day-to-day
  • Malcolm’s really enjoyed watching Wall’s continued maturation as a player
  • Wall isn’t the vocal leader and he really doesn’t have to be. There is a huge void in the leadership role without Paul Pierce this year
  • The guys talk about player leadership, but they need new leadership at the coaching position
  • Dave screams in horror before talking about last week’s Minnesota Timberwolves game
  • Return of the fun game: What were you doing instead of watching the Wizards shit themselves?
  • CT doesn’t care about Kobe Bryant retiring. Dave thinks he’s made a mockery of himself this season
  • Not the worst showing against a team that's aiming to be the best ever in the regular season. Unfortunately it was at the worst possible point in the season
  • Randy Wittman owning a sports bar with Craig Segar and Doc Rivers called Jocks and Jills has to be the best thing about Randy Wittman
  • The Wizards look dysfunctional and lose to one of the most dysfunctional teams in league in the Sacramento Kings
  • The guys do a deep dive on Beal’s post-game comments, Marcin Gortat’s tweet at Hoop District and Beal’s brother sounding off on the whole thing as well
  • Were his criticisms fair? Did he really own those criticisms or was he putting them more on his teammates? Can he say this stuff considering how much he’s been injured this year? Why does Gortat always get shit on?
  • Dave compares turning off the Kings game and giving up on the season like dropping a class in college
  • This Week in John Wall
  • The guys are glad no one’s turned on John this year. A lot of times fans turn on the best player of a team when things are going bad
  • Pop Culture Detour: The Walking Dead and The People vs. OJ Simpson finales are this week

Mar 23, 2016
Wizards Winners of 5 Straight, Stuart from Long Island on the Knicks, Duncan Uses Stickum

Today on ZardCast, the guys convene to discuss the Washington Wizards five-game winning streak, including a solid win over the Atlanta Hawks on the road. Later, Stuart from Long Island calls in to complain about the New York Knicks.

Topics discussed include:

  • Things are looking up, Wizards are winners are winners of five straight
  • Duncan projects the Wizards to go 10-2 over their final 12, looking at the Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls schedules
  • Vacuum basketball league, the guys would like to have their friend’s baby on the podcast to talk Wizards ASAP
  • Wizards beat the New York Knicks, Markieff Morris shuts down Carmelo Anthony in the second half
  • Morris looking great overall, could be a bigger part of the offense next season
  • Stuart from Plainview calls in to discuss the state of the Knicks, praises Randy Wittman for putting Morris on Melo
  • Kristaps Porzingis is the main attraction for him, thinks Kurt Rambis’ idea for him to play under the basket is preposterous. Stuart says if Phil Jackson coaches home games he’ll renounce his fandom
  • Stuart reviews his partial-season ticket experience at the Verizon Center, says Saturday’s Knicks game was 70% New York fans
  • Washington beats the Atlanta Hawks, best team the Wizards have taken down this side of the All Star break – the big victory over the Pistons was the best win
  • John Wall and Bradley Beal go bananas, Otto Porter has a huge first half
  • Atlanta’s system is weird, kind of like playing a European team
  • CT loves the Wizards more than Fall Out Boy
  • Duncan cops to using Stickum while podcasting, Dave gets upset
  • “This Week in John Wall”
  • Dave drinks 70 margaritas, misses the San Antonio Spurs-Golden State Warriors game
  • Duncan and CT’s brackets are in terrible shape, so is Duncan’s mom
  • The guys predict the Wizards will go 4-1
  • Pop Culture Detour on Batman v. Superman
Mar 18, 2016

Today on ZardCast, the guys are joined by Conor Dirks from Truth About It to discuss the Wizards playoff hopes, Randy Wittman’s lack of awareness and the most #SoWizards moment of the season. Plus, a collapse out west, smashing the Bulls and Pistons at home, Wall’s back-to-back triple doubles and Seamus the leprechaun.

Topics discussed include:

  • CT and Dave hold down the pod tonight
  • Getting into the second half collapse against the Philadelphia
  • The guys discuss the Wizards as a frog in a gradually heating pot, CT is confused as to why the frog wouldn’t hop out
  • Wizards look hopeless against Utah and Denver, super demoralizing
  • Conor Dirks from joins the pod, tying his Pixel and Roll appearances
  • The Wizards technically won, but the guys don’t feel good
  • Conor has an issue with playoff percentages that get published every day, but doesn’t think they’ll be in anyway
  • Randy Wittman vs. Ernie Grunfeld – who is more terrible?
  • It’s gotta be Wittman. He recently blamed the players for not telling him they were getting torched by the pick and roll
  • It’s insane how much of a dick Wittman is to Marcin Gortat
  • The Wizards are most likely going to give Bradley Beal the max, a lot of people thought John Wall wasn’t worth it before the Wizards gave him a new contract. Washington should wait, either, otherwise he might spend all next season pissed off
  • Not protecting the first round draft pick in the Markieff Morris trade is Conor’s top #SoWizards moment of the season
  • One of the worst scoring teams in the Utah Jazz put up 114 on the Wizards
  • Fortunately CT and Dave had other things to do over the weekend than watch these awful basketball games
  • The Wizards blow the Nuggets game in the fourth quarter against a bunch of no names not trying to win games
  • The guys had a raucous Saturday night, glad they both woke up and everything was cool
  • “You’re Being a Real Roy Hibbert”
  • D.C. able to mash the Detroit Pistons at home. The Wizards should run the John Wall pick and roll every play for a quarter and just see what happens
  • Always fun to beat the Chicago Bulls. Nene is the matador in the sense that he stabs the bull in the neck, not so much the dancing around, poor defense kind
  • Duncan had to duck down to Puerto Rico to check on his businesses, will return next week
  • The guys call their leprechaun friend Seamus, he highlights the plight of the modern day leprechaun
  • RIP to the Wizards’ seventh seed hopes
  • “This Week in John Wall”
  • Ted Leonsis teams up with Gene Simmons to bring arena league football to D.C.
Mar 11, 2016

Today on ZardCast, the guys convene to discuss the Wizards three-game losing streak, what it means to their playoff hopes, NBA teams as presidential candidates, a spicy episode of “Dave After Dark” that was too hot to air, Pop Culture Detour and much more.

Topics discussed include:

  • CT explains the term “boat racing” to Dave and Duncan
  • Wizards lose three in a row, playoff hopes are slowly unraveling. Can they still make it?
  • Losing to the Chicago Bulls,
  • If the Wizards are the Marco Rubio of the NBA, the Cleveland Cavaliers are Donald Trump, the Toronto Raptors are Ted Cruz and the Golden State Warriors are Hillary Clinton
  • After beating the Cavaliers in Washington, it seemed inevitable that LeBron James would would whack the Wizards in Ohio
  • CT and Duncan watched the Indiana Pacers game at Matchbox, CT awkwardly watches the end of the match over a booth divider. Dave can’t get a bartender to change the channel from UNC-Duke to the Wizards
  • Pelvic whacking
  • Dave is frustrated by the lack information on Bradley Beal’s injuries, and overall with the lack of information from the organization on where these guys stand
  • Breaking down what went wrong down the stretch against the Pacers
  • Perplexing that Marcin Gortat wasn’t in at the end of the game, the pick and roll with he and John Wall is their best play. Plus, Gortat is the second best player on the team. How can he sit in crucial situations?
  • Wizards have a chance at the end, Wall takes a bad shot
  • Dave recorded a spicy episode of “Dave After Dark” after the Portland game, but iTunes and the FCC have since gotten involved. It might not ever see the light of day
  • The Wizards losing in the middle of the night to the Portland Trailblazers was like a bad trip
  • Buck was so mad the refs missed a six second violation on an inbounds pass at the end of the game
  • The guys hate Gerald Henderson. How the hell did Alan Anderson get tossed at all, and in what world does Henderson not get tossed too
  • Gary Neal waived, Marcus Thornton picked up. He’s basically the same player as Neal. Again, due to lack of information, we don’t know what ailed Neal or how severe it was
  • Looking at the Eastern Conference standings
  • Looking ahead to the next three, the guys all agree the Wizards will go 3-0
  • Pop Culture Detour
  • Discussing the new Game of Thrones trailer
  • The guys all like “Better Call Saul,” Dave hates Jimmy’s brother for being allergic to electricity. Does knowing the endgame with Mike and Jimmy make the show any less interesting?
  • Dinosaur Detour
Mar 4, 2016

Today on ZardCast, CT, Dave and Duncan convene to discuss the Wizards four-game winning streak, if Lebron James is scared of Otto Porter, John Wall closing games, Pop Culture Detours, a Dinosaur Detour, how the elite does their laundry, drama between Dave and Duncan over QuizUp, and much more.

Topics discussed include:

  • The guys reminisce on their terrible kickball team
  • The Wizards are on a four-game winning streak, made it to .500
  • Dave’s excited to root hard against the teams in direct competition with Washington
  • Zards take out the 76ers on the road
  • Duncan finally sees the latest Star Wars, just finished watching the previous films with his girlfriend
  • Nice to see the team shore things up defensively, they’re normally going to be able to score enough points to win
  • Adding Alan Anderson and Markieff Morris has been a helpful development
  • Is Lebron James scared of Otto Porter? That’s most likely why he didn’t play on Sunday
  • The guys are enjoying all of the Cavaliers bullshit being stirred up
  • While the recording the podcast, PTI gives a Not So Happy Anniversary to Otto Porter’s brain-neutral defensive lap against the Bulls last year
  • Bradley Beal wears his mask again against the Timberwolves
  • Another Pop Culture Detour with Dave discussing “Hail Caesar”
  • Shout out to @PreacherBBall and @AndrewKim_47 for helping us out in defining irony
  • Wizards are able to dominate Cleveland, even with Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving
  • Lebron is subtweeting and driving America crazy
  • Dinosaur Detour as Dave tells the guys velociraptors were actually the size of chickens
  • Why do Boston fans always weave their teams into every conversation?
  • Infuriating game against Philadelphia on Monday night until John Wall took over
  • CT gets his dry cleaning picked up and dropped off, Dave and Duncan grill him on it and accuse him of stealing someone’s clothes
  • Dave and Duncan want to unionize against CT
  • Wall starting to drag his team over the finish line more often
  • Morris makes his first start, Marcin Gortat has a career night rebounding
  • Wizards able to take care of the Timberwolves behind a big game from Beal, Alan Anderson scores 18 as well
  • Why has Garrett Temple been starting over Beal when they’ve been playing similar minutes?
  • Porter and Gortat don’t see the floor in the fourth quarter against Minnesota. That’s the magic of Randy Wittman
  • Looking at the Eastern Conference standings
  • Is anyone worried about facing the Raptors should the Wizards grab the seven seed?
  • “This Week in John Wall”

Looking at the next three games, at Cleveland, home against Indiana, at Portland

Dave and Duncan’s QuizUp drama

Feb 26, 2016
Ironic or Coincidental?

Today on ZardCast, the guys return to talk about the Washington Wizards big move for Markieff Morris at the trade deadline, an up-and-down start after the All Star break, Garrett Temple’s Temple Run, a packed "This Week in John Wall" and much more.

Topics discussed include:

  • The guys are back! They took off a week for the All Star Game, CT was in Florida this week
  • The Wizards are players at the trade deadline once again, bringing in Markieff Morris
  • Erinie Grunfeld disrespects the draft
  • Washington signs J.J. Hickson. The guys know nothing about him, but he’s not DeJuan Blair so it’s ok
  • CT doesn’t remember watching the Utah Jazz game, was engrossed by a Terps loss instead. Dave doesn’t remember a whole lot either
  • It was ironic and coincidental that Markieff played his brother Marcus Morris in his first game for the Wizards
  • Which parts of the Alan Morrisette song “Ironic” is actually irony
  • CT overreacts to the Zards losing to Miami on Twitter, but still mostly stands by his overreaction
  • Wizards beat the Pelicans. New Orleans is garbage. John Wall able to notch a triple double on a poor shooting night
  • Facing an undermanned Chicago Bulls team, Washington blows it. Can’t have another loss like that the rest of the way
  • What’s up with Randy Wittman’s funky starting lineup? Brad Beal needs to start, as does Markieff Morris
  • Garrett Temple has at least one Temple Run every game. His game is not meant for the Eurostep
  • Running through the Eastern Conference standings
  • Stringing wins together has long been a problem for Randy Wittman teams
  • Randy’s speeches in the locker room probably sound garbled
  • Alan Anderson returns!
  • This Week in John Wall
  • Dave reveals he worked at Chick-fil-a, McDonald’s either only has the muffins or the chicken biscuit all day -- Never both
  • Discussing Wall’s comments on the crowd going wild for the free chicken sandwiches
  • Interesting nuggets from the Michael Lee piece on John Wall
  • Wall wasn’t a big fan of all the short contracts the Wizards signed during the offseason
  • Dave doesn’t sympathize with him too much after Wall admits he was out of shape the first month of the season
  • The guys are rolling in advertising money
Feb 10, 2016

Today on ZardCast, the guys welcome Wiz of Awes Editor Ben Mehic to the show following a win over the New York Knicks to talk about everything wrong with the Washington Wizards including needing star performances from John Wall to beat bad teams. Later, CT and Dave discuss the circus that was Golden State coming to town, John Wall and Steph Curry dueling, a podcast business meeting goes all wrong at the 76ers game and another terrible loss in Charlotte. Plus: Pop Culture Detour on The People vs. OJ Simpson.

Topics dicussed include:

  • The guys convene following a win over the New York Knicks and are joined by Wiz of Awes Editor Ben Mehic
  • Running down a close win over the Knicks that the Wizards nearly blew. It sucks we need superstar performances from John Wall to barely beat bad Eastern Conference teams
  • Ben says there’s no downside to firing Randy Wittman
  • Are you a believer in the narrative that they’ll take advantage of a weak schedule, Alan Anderson coming back and playing well? Ben doesn’t think the Wizards are capable
  • His biggest complaint is Ernie Grunfeld’s roster construction
  • Does Kevin Durant love his cousins?
  • Is uncertainty around Otto Porter a thing? The Wizards just figured out he’s best at the four position
  • Kris Humphries returns from injury, shoots a three
  • Ben says Alan Anderson has the best handshake game
  • Check out Wiz of Awes new podcast, Taking Care of Wizness
  • Golden State Warriors come to town and it’s like the goddamn circus showed up
  • Steph Curry goes nuts and 7 threes, scores 25 in the first quarter. Ends up with 51 total
  • John outplays him for the next three quarters, scoring a season high 41
  • Warriors able to fend off Washington in an entertaining game
  • ZardCast was in the building for the Wizard’s win over Philadelphia
  • CT gets the all you can drink package, Dave and Duncan wanted to utilize the outing to talk business
  • Duncan is heated at CT for not taking things serious, doesn’t post for the podcast
  • John Wall notches a triple double
  • Zards really know how to lose in horrific fashion when in Charlotte, did the same thing back in November
  • Jared Dudley is shooting 47% from three, not invited to the three point challenge during All Star Weekend
  • CT is not watching the NBA All Star game over The Walking Dead
  • “This Week in John Wall” -- Dabbling in the John Well
  • Where do you stand on John shooting more jumpers?
  • Pop Culture Detour: Discussing The People vs. OJ Simpson
  • Get over Cuba Gooding Jr. and David Schwimmer already, they’re actors
Feb 3, 2016
Internet Beefs, Gross Loss to Denver, One Stop in Houston, Gilbert Arenas as Frank Abagnale for Strip Clubs, Manageable February Schedule?

Today on ZardCast, CT, Dave and Duncan begrudgingly discuss the Washington Wizards as they haven’t been very fun to watch as of late. They start off by addressing Internet drama with a certain Bullets Forever blogger, what they’ll discuss when the season ends prematurely, a gross loss to the Denver Nuggets, a wild win in Houston and being overmatched in Oklahoma City. Later, the podcast gets back to its roots by discussing the young adult fiction genre, Kevin Durant possibly going to the Warriors, Gilbert Arenas as the Frank Abagnale of strip clubs, John Wall’s third All Star Game and a February schedule that looks far more promising than January’s slate.

Topics discussed include:

  • Duncan explains his beef with Jake Whitacre
  • The guys throw out ideas for what to do on the podcast whenever the Wizards season is actually over. CT suggests the O.J. Simpson drama, Dave insults the listeners and wants to read his TV pilots
  • Wizards lose a gross one to the Denver Nuggets. Duncan says this was an awful match-up and says no one should’ve watched this
  • Washington wins a wild one in Houston, get ONE defensive stop and hang onto the win
  • Nene and Dwight Howard are both ejected
  • The guys hate how the referees are always the focus in Rockets games between the cynical play of Howard and James Harden
  • The pod gets back to its roots by discussing young adult fiction. Duncan watched Insurgent, CT is excited to watch Mockingjay, Part 1 on Amazon Prime
  • The Oklahoma City Thunder smashed the Wizards
  • Thunder couldn’t miss in the first quarter, any time the Zards would creep back in the game OKC would pour it back on
  • Gene Wojnarowski floats the possibility of Kevin Durant heading to the Golden State Warriors
  • Dave hates Karl Malone
  • Gilbert Arenas admits to credit card fraud on Instagram, has really been going off the rails lately
  • Arenas is like the Frank Abagnale of strip club security
  • “This Week in John Wall”
  • John makes his third All Star Game
  • Dave hasn’t heard from John, wants to hire a skywriter to get his attention
  • CT took a Caribbean history class because he loves pirates
  • Who is the most swashbuckling member of the Warriors?
  • Wednesday is looking to be a night similar to Kobe Bryant’s final time in D.C.
  • Duncan went to a Capitals game and was reminded of the stark disparity between crowds at the Verizon Center
  • The Wizards February schedule is much more manageable than January
Jan 27, 2016

Today on ZardCast, CT, Dave and Bullets Forever's Jake Whitacre convene following the Toronto Raptors sweep of the Washington Wizards and examine the state of the team at midseason: Is everyone exhausted yet? Is it time for Randy Wittman to go? Could Alan Anderson return help the Wizards move in the right direction? Are the playoffs but a pipe dream? Plus, Jake's buried under 40 inches of snow, why Duncan didn't post for the pod, Dave's 6-0 at the Verizon Center, government sanctioned drinking and what TV show the guys should recap when the season goes off the rails.

Topics discussed include:

  • The podcast convenes after being swept by the Toronto Raptors
  • Bullets Forever head honcho joins the pod
  • Is everyone still hanging on? It’s been an exhausting season
  • Jake says because the WIzards aren’t very good, he isn’t sure how much a coaching change will improve things
  • Making the case against Nene and Marcin Gortat playing together. Does really need to be spoon fed to do his job?
  • Firing Randy Wittman could be punting on the year
  • A healthy Alan Anderson could help the team realize its early season vision
  • As the point man for all things KD2DC, Jake tells where he’s at with his dream of Kevin Durant coming to D.C.
  • Does Ernie Grunfeld have a back-up plan to Durant?
  • Duncan’s real reasons for not showing up to the pod
  • CT and Dave handle the two man game to discuss two more Wizards games
  • Washington ALSO got swept by the Boston Celtics
  • Bradley Beal’s suffered a broken nose is broken and got concussed. Great evening for the Wizards
  • The Utah Jazz game on Saturday evening was canceled, what were the guys doing when it would’ve been on, during the teeth of the blizzard?
  • An appetizer snowstorm paralyzes D.C. last Wednesday, Wizards get a win over a banged up Miami Heat
  • Dave is at the Heat game, is 6-0 at the Verizon Center this year
  • Record predictions
  • CT gives his bottom five states
  • “This Week in John Wall”
  • Are the Wizards wasting Wall’s prime? The guys say nay
  • Pop Culture Detour
  • Dave wonders what TV show we should recap when the Wizards season goes off the rails?
Jan 20, 2016
Beal Back, Flirting with .500, Wall's Big Week, Wild Halftime Shows, Celeb Guests

Today on ZardCast, CT, Duncan and Dave convene to discuss the tail end of a Washington Wizards win streak, a tough loss to the Boston Celtics and a drubbing by the Portland Trailblazers. Plus: Future celebrity guests, the ZardCast unbeaten streak at Verizon Center is busted, CT goes to Bullets Forever night, Alan Anderson’s excellent beard and style, Eastern Conference standings talk, John Wall wins Eastern Conference player of the week, Pop Culture Detour and much more.

Topics discussed include:

  • Wizards were riding a win streak, hit .500 and then drop two in a row
  • Wizards undefeated streak when ZardCast is in attendance is busted, CT tries to blame it on Duncan
  • Bradley Beal returns from injury against the Milwaukee Bucks
  • Dave catches CT and his girl smooching before the game
  • The guys have a pizza break
  • Wizards have one of their best offensive games against the Indiana Pacers
  • Indianapolis Star reporter Candance Buckner rips Indiana’s effort in her gamer
  • Whenever Alan Anderson returns, it’ll feel like reinforcements dropped in from the sky
  • John Wall has a monster game against the Boston Celtics, lose a tough one
  • Jae Crowder and Randy Wittman get into it
  • CT attends Bullets Forever night, shoots a free throw on the floor, has a good time
  • It’s Duncan’s dream to participate in a shot contest on the floor
  • Wild halftime shows: Guys flipping each other, jump ropers, baby races
  • Portland Trailbazers kills the Wizards on Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Eastern Conference standings look. The Wizards don’t want home court advantage, right?
  • Gortat had some interesting comments regarding the plague of injuries facing the Wizards after practice
  • “This Week in John Wall”
  • Earns an Eastern Conference player of the week award, should be on the All Star team
  • Is in the pool of 30 players for the Olympic team, won’t make it because Coach K
  • Looking at the Wizards next four games
  • Will return next week following the Raptors game
  • Pop Culture Detour: Recommending “The Martian,” “Sicario” and “Orphan Black”
Jan 13, 2016

Today on ZardCast, CT, Dave and Duncan convene to discuss a pair of tough home losses to the Cleveland Cavaliers and Toronto Raptors, sweeping the Orlando Magic for the third season in a row, beating the Chicago Bulls on the road, a full-fledged injury report, Eastern Conference standings, John Wall firing his agent, the guys’ plans to attend the next few home games. Plus, Duncan gets lost, flatulence in the workplace, and a pop culture detour to review Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest flick, “The Revenant.”

Jan 6, 2016

Today on ZardCast, CT, Dave and Duncan return after the holiday season to discuss the podcast’s first birthday, where the Washington Wizards stand entering 2016, John Wall’s Eastern Conference player of the month award, a complete injury rundown, a look at the Eastern Conference standings and a bonus segment all on “Making a Murderer.”

Topics discussed include:

  • ZardCast turns one!
  • Wizards are in fine shape, hovering around .500
  • Even still contending for a top-4 seed
  • Rundown of games during the last two weeks
  • The guys are excited back freestyle snowmobiling returning to the Winter X Games
  • Marcin Gortat had a hot December
  • John Wall becomes the first Wizard since Gilbert Arenas in 2006 to nab Eastern Conference player of the month
  • Wall calls NBA All Star Game voting a joke
  • Full injury rundown, the team sucks at giving updates or status reports on its players
  • Eastern Conference standings, to the tune of the Martell Webster Overture
  • Favorite podcasting moments of the year
  • *Spoiler Alert* Final 20 minutes discussing “Making a Murderer”
Dec 18, 2015
ZardCast Holiday Party

Today on ZardCast, CT, David and Duncan deliver a podcast packed with Wizards talk and a dash of holiday cheer. The guys get into the rough week for Washington running down the team’s defensive issues, offensive woes, rash of injuries and the increasingly difficult Eastern Conference. Later, Sidney Melbourne drops by with some big news, the pod addresses Bill Simmons’ hypothetical Dwight Howard trade, John Wall’s $47,000 charity visit to the strip club and much more.

Topics discussed include:

  • Holiday episode, no pod next week
  • CT hates Nick Cannon
  • Dave nearly gets his eye taken out by a rogue champagne cork
  • It’s been a bad week for the Wizards, going 1-4 since the last pod
  • Huge issues defensively for Washington, among the worst in the NBA defending the three
  • Rattling off all the frustrating things about this team
  • The standings in the East are closely bunched, only five games out of the three seed
  • Nene’s injury might be the biggest of them all, he’s the engine on defense
  • The constant going back and forth between offenses is not working and allowing for any consistency
  • Bradley Beal will be evaluated in two weeks, let’s hope this is just another short injury stint
  • The Ramon Sessions, should be pursued in the offseason
  • Discussing the absurdity of Bill Simmons’ hypothetical trade of Marcin Gortat, Nene, a first round pick for Dwight Howard
  • Should the Wizards try and get a big man before the trading deadline
  • What a joke it is that the Wizards didn’t draft Bobby Portis, they brought in a bunch of wings in free agency and need a real power forward
  • Duncan with the quick 76ers update
  • The first half of games in the January are all against Eastern Conference teams, will be a big sign of who the WIzards really are
  • Sidney Melbourne moves in next door, visits the podcast
  • Melbourne is fired up over Matthew Dellavedingo and Steven Adams facing off
  • Explaining the difference between New Zealand and Australia
  • “This Week in John Wall”
  • John Wall was dealing with an ankle injury throughout November, spends $47k at a strip club in Dallas
  • The guys agree with Jalen Rose, it was an act of charity
  • Gilbert Arenas goes nuts on Instagram
Dec 8, 2015
Another Marquee Win Over Miami, Tiny Ball Revolution, Cult of Kobe Invades Verizon

Today on ZardCast, the guys discuss a big win over the East's best team in the Miami Heat, embracing tiny ball life without any big men, the Cult of Kobe takeover of the Verizon Center and more.

Dec 2, 2015
Beating the Cavs, John Wall is Mad at David, Ranking Losses by Sadness

Today on ZardCast, the guys return after a few weeks off to discuss a big win over the Cavaliers, the reason behind John Wall’s poor play in December, ranking the games in the losing streak in terms of sadness, saying goodbye to Martell Webster, Kobe Bryant retiring and much more.

Topics discussed include:

  • ZardCast is back
  • Nice win over the Cleveland Cavaliers to break a 4 game losing streak, John Wall has a big 35 point game
  • Wall’s slump possibly linked to the pod not playing his supercut last show, taking a few weeks off
  • Performance was antithetical to how they previously played
  • Marcin Gortat had a big night, Bradley Beal has a big third quarter, Randy Wittman’s tie is terrible
  • Rank the four game losing streak, a 4-tear scale
  • What went wrong over that stretch? The team names of who the Wizards lost to isn’t as bad as it appears at a glance
  • Kris Humphries being phased out of the starting lineup, caused some growing pains
  • Is Wittman still the worst? How should we feel about the Humphries experiment? David vents about how bad it failed, CT thinks maybe Wittman could run the offense how he’d want it to actually run with the second unit
  • Otto Porter’s been great. If he could hit wide open 3s he could be even more dangerous
  • Saying goodbye to Martell Webster, he will be missed
  • Wizards use injury exception and sign Ryan Hollins
  • Alan Anderson is set to start practicing, seems like a nice guy. Gary Neal does not
  • 76ers beat the Lakers, Byron Scott is weird
  • The news of Kobe Bryant retiring drew mixed emotions from the pod. Middle school Duncan was a fierce defender of Allen Iverson, CT was a Steve Nash guy, David says Kobe was his gateway into basketball as a young lad
  • NBA Recommendations
    • Surprisingly Awesome
    • The Warriors winning streak
    • NBA 2K
  • Should CT sabotage his fantasy basketball league?
  • STOP THE MUSIC! We forgot to shout out our Twitter shout outs
Nov 11, 2015
#KD2DC Flop, 50 Turnovers, Garrett Temple’s Guilty Pleasures

Today on ZardCast, CT, David and Duncan record immediately following the Oklahoma City Thunder’s beat down of the Washington Wizards to discuss the #KD2DC movement, lack of stadium environment, the flop against the Thunder, 50 turnovers in two games against the Atlanta Hawks and the Boston Celtics, rebounding issues, atrocious defense, Bradley Beal’s injury, Bradley Beal’s buzzer beater against the San Antonio Spurs, Garrett Temple’s guilty pleasures, NBA recommendations and much more.

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