Broadcasting from the Capital of the Free World, ZardCast is a weekly podcast revolving around the Washington Wizards. Host CT Schwink and a rotating cast of characters break down the week that was in Wizards basketball, dissecting games, hitting on the big stories, as well as unsuccessfully predicting the future. Of course, the conversation is never completely bound to basketball. Come for the hoops and stay for the discourse, because we're never quite sure where this discussion will go.
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Broadcasting from the Capital of the Free World, ZardCast is a weekly podcast revolving around the Washington Wizards. Host CT Schwink and a rotating cast of characters break down the week that was in Wizards basketball, dissecting games, hitting on the big stories, as well as unsuccessfully predicting the future. Of course, the conversation is never completely bound to basketball. Come for the hoops and stay for the discourse, because we're never quite sure where this discussion will go. 


Mar 25, 2015

Today on ZardCast, CT, Dave and Max hop in the pod to discuss the Wizards poor showing on the West Coast, the disappointing offense, Randy Wittman being stuck in his ways, how much fun NBA tournaments would be, Otto Porter’s lack of run, the Eastern Conference standings, “This Week in John Wall” and much more.

Topics discussed include:

  • Now that Red Shell Radio is winding down, Max suggests CT should talk Lady Terps
  • The Golden State game encapsulated everything wrong with the Wizards
  • The last 11 games are very Eastern Conference heavy
  • The guys are worried about the Wizards ability to win on the road
  • Wizards are victorious over a good Portland team at home, almost blow it like they did on the road
  • Beating Utah was a good way to start the road trip
  • NCAA tournament has taken away from they guys’ Wizards watching
  • Dave hates college basketball, his biases against it were confirmed after watching Virginia
  • Marcin Gortat gets fined for flopping
  • The pod brainstorms ways to get Adam Silver involved with the show
  • The Clippers clip the Wizards winning streak, the guys hate most of the players on Los Angeles 
  • Hedo Turkoglu and Turks are passionate
  • Sacramento looked like a likely win, instead Washington gets handled
  • Sacramento as a town is terrible, even worse drafters than the Wizards
  • Did the Wizards hang out in L.A. between games?
  • Randy Wittman refuses to acknowledge issues with the offense, gets mad about being asked about it after the Kings game
  • The guys get ANGRY about Randy Wittman. Max compares Wittman to Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger, they both have no plan B
  • The Wizards don’t score in the third quarter against Golden State, Phil Chenier is the angriest they guys have ever heard
  • Fuck Rick Berry
  • Maurice Speights says he knew the Wizards would start infighting and crumble, Dave thinks he’s a homeless man’s David West
  • We kill Wittman, but Ernie Grunfeld and Ted Leonsis skate by a little
  • The three of them are clearly working in tandem. What’s their plan?
  • ESPN posts an NBA front office rankings, Wizards check in at 21 ahead of some awful squads
  • Otto Porter gets no run, @MadBastardsAll has a great take on it
  • Dave thinks John Wall can turn things around
  • The guys check in the Eastern Conference standings
  • How cool would it be if the NBA had tournaments? Hopefully Silver installs that into the season
  • “This Week in John Wall”
  • Wall and Dez Wells are pals, grew up together
  • The Wizards are terrible when Wall doesn’t play, a little bit above average when he does — Hopefully he doesn’t get discouraged
  • Wall ranked behind Damian Lillard and Kyrie Irving in a ranking of point guards by NBA scouts and front office guys
  • The schedule comes back to Earth, Eastern Conference heavy
  • Homecourt in the playoffs is imperative with this team
  • Max doesn’t want anything to do with LeBron, Dave wants the Bulls
  • NBA Recommendations 
    • CT: His first NBA love Steve Nash retires, Pau Gasol on Sesame Street
    • Dave: Dwight Howard is returning, hopefully he and James Harden get in a fight. Metta World Peace just signed with an Italian basketball team
    • Max: The picture of Stephon Marbury winning his third Chinese league title. Recommends driving around in a Kia, he was on the bandwagon before the NBA
  • Kevin Seraphin rejoins Instagram 
Mar 16, 2015

Today on ZardCast, the guys meet up to host a hotdog eating contest between Duncan, Listener Mike and CourtDog. The three competitors attempt to eat as many hotdogs as possible during the course of the pod. Meanwhile, CT, Dave and Max discuss the Wizards 3-0 week and their advantageous position in the Eastern Conference. 

Topics discussed include:

  • Hotdog eating contest between Duncan, Mike and CourtDog
  • The rules of the contest are explained and the competitors sit down for a pre-contest interview
  • Max introduces the eaters and they each get their own theme music
  • The Wizards right the ship, going 3-0 on the week
  • Dave correctly predicts they’d go 3-0
  • First hotdog update
  • The Wizards treat the Hornets like the bad team they are
  • Watching at home vs. at the Phone Booth
  • Wizards trounce the Grizzlies, given a gift with Tony Allen, Mike Conley, Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol all sit
  • CT and Max meet for drinks before the Memphis game, Bar Louie’s service is terrible
  • Wizards sign Toure Murry to a 10-day contract
  • Hotdog update, the dogs are getting cold
  • CourtDog gives the origin story on the hotdog eating contest
  • Washington comes back to win big against the Sacramento Warriors, John Wall scores 31
  • Max claims Andre Miller dominated Wall on the guys’ group text
  • Mike looking dreadful, Duncan looks like he’s waiting for the bus
  • “This Week in John Wall”
  • Dave and Max love Bo Jangles
  • Max dedicates the hotdog eating contest to Rod Strickland
  • The guys looks at the Eastern Conference standings, people don’t know who plays for the Hawks
  • NBA recommendations
    • The Atlanta Hawks organist Sir Foster was the pod's original NBA recommenation
    • The race for eighth in the West
    • The improving Pacers and how they could be a good matchup to thwart the Hawks
    • John Wall back
    • Keep an eye on Louisville's Montrezl Harrell in March Madness, a potential target for the Wizards come draft time
  • Mike debriefs after eating eight hotdogs, feels like death
  • Duncan finishing his plate of 15 hotdogs
  • The guys detail awkwardly telling a girl at a bar about the podcast in an attempt to fend her off
  • Fort Meade High School beats Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School for the Maryland state basketball title -- S/O to Moe
  • The apartment reeks of hotdogs
  • How do the Wizards do this week against Portland, the Clippers, Utah and Sacramento?
  • Duncan gives a victory speech 
Mar 9, 2015
Sometimes You Get Stroked, Sometimes You Get Spanked

Today on ZardCast, CT, Dave, Duncan and Max look back at a 1-2 week for the Washington Wizards, in which they fail to get back on track, though, remain in the thick of things for a top-four seed. The guys discuss the no-name NBAers who torched the Wizards, an epic meltdown against Miami, the infamous Otto Porter Vine, a mean comment on the site, poor restaurant experiences, Eastern Conference standings and much more. 

Topics include:

  • Top of the show generalities from this week
  • Max is over the regular season, Duncan is excited about it, Dave is encouraged by the Wizards
  • Who’s your favorite no-name NBAer to torch the Wizards this week?
  • The guys struggle to alphabetize the teams the Wizards played this week by mascot name
  • The Bulls game is rough, a chance to turn things around against an injured Chicago team doesn’t pan out
  • Marcin Gortat has a nice week
  • Friend of the podcast DMX will appear on the show in two weeks
  • CT thinks the collapse in the fourth quarter is the case study against Randy Wittman’s offense, Max says it was lack of caring, Dave credits Erik Spoelstra’s coaching moves
  • Duncan watches Truth and Lies, gives his review
  • The podcast gets a mean comment on the website, they respond to it point by point 
  • Birthday shoutouts to Duncan’s mom and CT’s cousin
  • Khris Middleton destroys the Wizards
  • Austin Rivers’ beard looks like a dirty bath towel
  • Dave didn’t know they put Major League Soccer games on TV
  • Otto Porter gets caught sleeping on defense in the Bulls game, will live in Vine infamy forever
  • Dwight Howard gets caught grabbing dick on the sideline
  • The guys discussed unintentional sexual innuendo in basketball calls
  • Will Paul George play this season?
  • Duncan was supposed to hang out with Dave and CT on Friday, poor restaurant experience ruins his Friday night. He won’t divulge the name of the eatery, Max attempts to figure it out
  • CT hates Masa 14, angry Yelp reviewers are the worst
  • “This Week in John Wall”
  • Ted Leonsis sitting on the bench next to Wittman drives Max crazy, Dave thinks he deserved
  • NBA recommendations
    • Duncan: Wednesday night’s national slate
    • CT: Nikola Mirotic when he's not beating on the Wizards — h/t to KP
    • Max: Championship week in college basketball, the old school Atlanta Hawks uniforms
  • How do the Wizards do this week against Charlotte, Memphis and Sacramento?
  • NEXT WEEK is the hot dog eating contest between Duncan and listener Mike 
Mar 2, 2015
Disparaging Losses

Today on ZardCast, CT, Dave and Duncan hop in the pod to talk about the Wizards rough week that saw the team extend its losing streak to six games before snapping it against Detroit. The guys go game-by-game into the 1-4 week, giving off positive vibes while sifting through the drudgery. 

Topics discussed include:

  • A replay of of a clip from last week where the guys hope the team can go 4-1
  • The Wizards have finally arrived to the basement level of the season. Can’t get any worse, right?
  • Dave still has high hopes as the marks (Making the two or three seed, or getting into the Eastern Conference Finals) of a successful season are still in play
  • Thank god they don’t play in the West
  • One of the ZardCast co-hosts is missing
  • Wizards beat Detroit to end the six-game losing streak, still blow a 21-point lead and throw up on themselves
  • The loss to Philadelphia was inexcusable, terrible basketball game to watch
  • The 76ers are a transcendently bad team, Randy Wittman’s firing had to be considered after losing to a team built to lose
  • Dave and Duncan have hot takes on Game of Thrones
  • Paul Pierce needs to stay healthy, prepare for him to sit out more games
  • The loss to the Timberwolves wasn’t terribly upsetting, Kevin Garnett back in Minnesota
  • Not a whole lot you can do against Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, especially when you turn the ball over 26 times
  • Wittman is a prick to the media after the game, refuses to stop wearing terrible suits
  • Wiz keep losing after we podcast
  • Does Ted Leonsis listen to the podcast?
  • What was your favorite thing to do instead of watch the Wizards lose?
  • Thoughts on the John Wall-Ramon Sessions backcourt
  • The hotdog eating contest between Duncan and listener Mike is in two weeks
  • “This Week in John Wall”
  • Dave and John are having a disagreement over a lady and are not currently speaking
  • The guys close the show with NBA recommendations: