A bi-weekly Washington Wizards podcast. Conversation not bound to basketball.
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Broadcasting from the Capital of the Free World, ZardCast is a weekly podcast revolving around the Washington Wizards. Host CT Schwink and a rotating cast of characters break down the week that was in Wizards basketball, dissecting games, hitting on the big stories, as well as unsuccessfully predicting the future. Of course, the conversation is never completely bound to basketball. Come for the hoops and stay for the discourse, because we're never quite sure where this discussion will go. 


Jan 20, 2021

Schwink, Duncan and Mike discuss the trauma haunting Duncan’s cat, the Wizards as possible COVID-19 super spreaders in the league, Thomas Bryant partially tearing his ACL, Russell Westbrook’s quad injury, Bradley Beal’s nightly brilliance, if Scott Brooks’ seat is as hot as Chipotle tomatillo red-chili salsa or leather chairs baking in the sun, Drew Gooden’s Insight, if John Wall’s Rockets’ roster is better than any he had in D.C., and Pop Culture Detour.

Jan 5, 2021

Schwink, Duncan and Mike discuss the first two weeks of the Washington Wizards season, including initial impressions of Russell Westbrook, Davis Bertans slowly ramping up, Scott Brooks’ dreaded three-guard lineup, defensive woes and two wins to start the New Year. Later, Kyrie Irving sends a statement to the podcast, Thomas Bryant gets some love, Drew Gooden’s insights, This Week in John Wall and Pop Culture Detour.